Now Introducing Tournaments

one field. invite only. six teams.


All Access Tournaments are here! Beginning in the Summer of 2023 All Access will be providing an opportunity for competitive baseball to be played in a single-site format on artificial turf fields at some of the best venues/colleges in the Midwest. all while being covered by All Access Recruiting and blasted across social media for coaches to see.

What we're about

All Access. Unlimited Opportunity.

All Access Recruiting

All Access Recruiting is a platform that serves as the liaison between the high school player and the college coach and/or recruiting coordinator. Our services are created for the coaches by coaches and professional scouts.

  • Built by coaches for coaches

  • Private player profiles only visible by coaches

  • 24/7 365 Coach Access

Our perks


Opprotunity to be seen 24/7

Here at ‘All Access” our goal is to get players in front of coaches everywhere-everyday. With this goal in mind we have created the opportunity to be seen by coaches all over the country with a few clicks of the mouse. Not only will coaches be able to judge a player’s tools, movements, and abilities, but they will also have all measurables and contact information at hand as well; including things such as GPA, ACT, and/or SAT.


Unlimited opportunities at every level.

All Access does not differ between athletes when it comes to getting to the next level. Athletes of every skill level will be given the same opportunity to be seen. In order to find the perfect fit we work with every level/division of college.


Instant networking

Taking advantage of today’s technology, we are able to connect with coaches from coast to coast, instantly. A player’s profile will be at the fingertips of every college/university once uploaded. This will allow coaches to make contact with athletes that they are interested in and also allow coaches to make references to other schools on players.

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