Why All Access

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Theran Crouch


Playing baseball his entire life Theran has always held close ties to the game. He spent his high-school summers traveling across the country under some of the best coaches in the Midwest, where he not only improved his craft, but also studied and pried great coaching minds along the way. Continuing his career into college under Travis Lallemend at Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri, Theran found his career cut short due to injury. Now he aspires to help kids of all skill levels get to the next level and find somewhere they can continue their career.

Mission Statement

All Access Recruiting is a platform that serves as the liaison between the high school player and the college coach and/or recruiting coordinator. Our services are created for the coaches by coaches and professional scouts. College coaches can gain access to our entire data base of players, or focus in on individual prospects at their request by acquiring individual access codes. Player profiles are complete with all the information that a coach needs including: Blast Motion data and analytics, Pocket Radar metrics, laser timed splits, multi directional video and more…Our team of professional technicians, videographers, scouts and evaluators ensure that every player is represented correctly and accurately. Our company advocates for the player. We are here to serve you!


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